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 Name Ms. Tanvi Ashar

 Age 27 years
 Type of Bhatia Kanthi
 Current City of Residence Mumbai
 Current Country of Residence India
 Telephone Number
 Email Address
 Something about myself We a looking for a suitable groom for our daughter. She is a psychologist, working in a counselling centre in Mumbai. She is fun filled, Enthusiastic, ambitious and family oriented girl.
 Profile Updated On Friday, December 07, 2018
 Partner Details
 I am looking for a Groom
 Preferred Age 26 to 32 years
 Something about my preferred
Looking for a groom who is well qualified, settled, having calm temperament. Who is encouraging and motivating. No unwanted vices like smoking, drinking, tobacco etc. Needs to be pure vegetarian. Needs to have a zeal for life. Looking for someone who is though ambitious but family oriented man as well.